When we see a tamper in a Barista’s hand we know the significance. It is the tool that a barista uses most often. The Tamp translates the Barista’s skill of craft into the resulting shot. It is a tool of assumed simplicity with substantial purpose.


The Levy Tamp brings unparalleled consistency to your espresso production.

Simply determine the ideal weight of ground coffee in your portafilter and stack the Levy’s precision spacer to achieve the perfect tamp depth.

It makes consistency and quality possible with every shot from Barista to Barista. 


The Levy handle is made of carefully selected American hardwoods and machined brass. 

The stainless steel base is precisely machined in SLC USA to accomplish some of the industries tightest tolerances + -.002 of  inch. 

The Levy is built in our workshop by hand, making each a unique piece of work. 


Minimum Tamp Depth: 5.5mm

Maximum Tamp Depth: 15.5mm


- 1 Base

- 1 Handle 

- 6 Precision spacers

- Foam padded protective box


**Stock available in 58.5mm base diameter only. For other sizes, please contact us directly.